Nitroset, LLC.


Art Direction

Graphic Design



03/2017 – 07/2019



Nitroset, LLC, headquartered in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., specializes in providing high-quality fastening solutions. The Nitroset solid propellant fastening system is an innovative fastening solution that offers superior performance into normal to hard aggregate concrete surfaces.



Nitroset specializes on a single tool, its many attachments, replacement parts, and applications. So a manual was created to show clients of all their options. The manual also doubled as a manual for the tool, but a dedicated and in depth tool manual was also created separately, along with a quick guide.


Nitroset did not count with a website, so one was designed and developed. Its goal was to educate clients of the tool’s applications in the worksite and for maintenance. As well as showing dealer networks, warranty info, and replacement parts.

Raw wireframes were sketched to get an idea of the desired layout of the site

Once a desired layout was approved, a prototype was designed with basic functionality.

Finished website



Nitroset makes appearances regularly at tradeshows, so new banners were required to communicate to the tool’s uses and goals.

A mock-up design of a tradeshow banner was created

The printed banner being shown in use for the tradeshow


After the Nitroset website was finally launched, online ads were created to be displayed on it. As well as on the event’s news letter showcasing the companies attending.

An updated version of the previous banner, meant to simulate the updated style of the catalog and website.

Roll-up Banner

This type of roll-up banner was frequently used in tradeshows for the company.

But we also printed extras to give to dealers for their store’s marketing.

Banner backdrop to use for indoor events.

Mock up of a canopy for the company. To be used for outdoor events.

Nitroset Parts Labels

Sets of labels were created for replacement parts. The labels were designed with the similar style seen in the tool catalog.

Proposed logo design for the company’s main tool, the NTS8X