Full name

Ayax Alarcon


Besides my childhood love for games (which is what indirectly led me to the idea of becoming a graphic designer), I have become quite fond of generating images in my computer as a form of entertainment.

To believe that my interest in designing started with a class that I once took in high school which was about web development, but the graphic aspects of that class are what really got stuck in my head. From there on I downloaded a photoshop trial on my computer and became self-instructed in the ways designing and photo-manipulation.

So yea, everything that my work may show is the result of hours upon hours of self-teaching through internet tutorials.

I am currently at a beginner's level of designing. But I am quite eager to learn new methods and techniques of design.
And I am looking for new projects to do, to increase the size of my portfolio.


Graphic Designer

Magnum Tool Corp., Inc.

Houston, TX · 03/2016 – Present

In-house graphic designer for the company’s collateral and product line.



Pearland, TX · 09/2013 – 08/2017

Manager and customer service representative for a Gamestop establishment. Occasionally making posters to promote a store event.


Graphic/Commercial Design, Web Design


Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript